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: The State Administration of Grain
       China Grain & Oil Association
Editing & Publishing:Editorial Office of Cereal & Food Industry

Civil periodical number:CN32-1710/TS
International standard periodical number:ISSN1672-5026
Post Distribution Code:28-197
Cereal & Food Industry is a comprehensive sci-tech journal sponsored by WUXI COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHONOLOGY CO., LTD and China Grain & Oil Association. The journal contains basic theories and practical applications about new technologies, products and achievements of rice, flour, oil, food, starch deep-processing, storage, and inspection, etc. It offers engineering technician favorable flat roof to exchange and promote updated techniques in their field. The journal is appointed as the proceeding for the Food branch and Fermented Wheaten Food branch of China Grain & Oil Association; it is also the support media for the Oil branch of China Grain & Oil Association.

Main Columns Description:
Subject survey, Grain & Oil engineering projects, Food science and technology, Biological engineering, Circulation technology of grain, Construction engineering, Equipments, Automatic control and Market analysis of Cereal & Oil Processing, Fermented wheaten food, Standards and inspection, Up-to-date information delivery, etc.

The main readers and service subjects of Cereal & Food Industry are enterprise operators, engineering technician, researchers, staff in colleges and universities and other personnel who are involved or interested in fields like grain, oil, food, bioengineering, storage and inspection. The journal, which has a version of 16K, is public issued at home and abroad every two month.

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