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Corporation, one of the global top 500 companies, which is formed by the former 

four Scientific Research & Design Institutes (Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Xian, Wuhan) of the State

Administration of Grain. As the four different departments of COFCO ET, all these

institutes founded in 1960s are specializing in Technology R&D in the grain and oil

industry (like wheat, rice, oil and fat, corn, feed processing, grain logistic and storage), 

Engineering design, consulting and contracting, and also equipment manufacturing.


COFCO ET has a strong team of experts, and also cultivate and bring up a batch of grain

technology leaders who have great and professional influence in their respective fields.

There are 251 National Registration Engineers includes: Architect, Structural engineer,

Cost engineer, Machinist, Electrician, Supervising engineer, Construction engineer,

Quality engineer etc.


With the most complete and highest level of qualification in this industry, COFCO ET wins

More than 200 awards in this area. With placing more emphasis on the technology

innovation, it brings more economic benefits for the company, and makes the COFCO ET

reached the international advanced level in the same period.


over more than 40 years and through generations of relentless effort, our company has

carved out successful experience in wheat, rice, oil and fat, corn, feed processing industry with new and sophisticated technology. With its prestigious reputation, its 

customers are widely spreading over 20 overseas countries and regions such as Russia, 

Ukraine, Thailand, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Greece, India, etc. 


Oil & Fat department, its business involves oil projects process design of pre treatment, 

pressing, extraction ooil-bearing crops, refining of oil & fat and the auxiliary projects, 

equipment fabrication and installation, projects contract, technical services, development

of new products, downstream processing of oil by-products and global trading.


Rice Engineer Department of our company is mainly responsible for large and

medium-sized rice processing production line engineering consulting, engineering design,

equipment and engineering general contracting service. Meanwhile, we establish good

cooperation, communication and common development relationship with domestic and

international well-known grain equipment manufacturers.


Flour Engineering Department of our company has been engaged in technical consulting

of flour, coarse grain processing projects, process engineering design, engineering

general contracting service. Material proportioning and pre-mix, material positive and

negative pressure conveying, Ventilation and dust removal technology services, complete

engineering contracting of food, Chemical, pharmaceutical and building materials

industries and so on.


Feed Engineering Department of our company has been engaged in the research and

design works about feed processing technology and equipment for a long time. We provide

general contracting services for feed processing engineering project including standardized

and customized designs, equipment manufactures, equipment installation, production line

adjustment for customers according to different capacity 5t/h, 8t/h, 10t/h, 12t/h, 15t/h, 20t/h

(single line) etc.


Biochemical Engineering Department has long been engaged in starch with maize, cassava,

wheat as the raw material and its deep processing. The main products are starch, starch

sugar, modified starch, alcohol and other fermentation products with the relevant sewage

treatment. Relying on advanced technology, exquisite technology and 3D factory design,

the department is in a leading level in this industry.


COFCO ET takes "To be domestic leading and international renowned technology

services leader or cereal, oil and food engineering" as the vision, and takes "Provide the 

best return on investment of engineering services, creating value for customers,

shareholders, employees and Industry" as the mission. We are the integrative-technology

leader and innovation-technology provider for cereal and oil industry, committed to

promoting the progress of the industry.


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