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Meeting between COFCOET and CROWN
Date: 2013-11-15

Negotiation between COFCOET and Crown on Strategic Cooperation Mode

On November 1st,2013, Mr. Liu Jianhua, the general manager of Wuhan crown friendship edible oils eng. co., ltd, along with his delegation, came to COFCOET to discuss the cooperation and development in oil & fat industry, and reached the preliminary strategic cooperation intention.

Both sides have reached a consensus in aiming to improve the market share and competitiveness advantage in the domestic oil & fat processing industry. Taking advantages of COFCOET's engineering design and engineering technology of oil seed preprocessing, and Crown's technology of solvent extraction, sharing information resource and achievement, and establishing a long-term strategic cooperation, promoting the sustainable development of oil engineering & technology industry in China.

Mr. Yao Zhuan, the general manager of COFCOET, attended the meeting, with leaders of related departments.

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