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COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY CO.,ltd. has granted the Class-A qualification certificate of general project contracting by the Ministry of Construction of P. R. China in 1994. Since then the institute has undertook more than 400 EPC projects in the field of grain & oil processing, thus help its customers gain favorable socioeconomic benefits. It has undertook a batch of large-scaled and celebrated EPC projects in recent years, such as the Jiangxi parboiled rice mill ofr COFCO, the palm oil mill with capacity of 30 t /d at Indonesia, the dedicated flour mill of China Grain Reserves Pizhou branch, Ningxia Saibeixue Flour CO., LTD with capacity of 200 t /d , etc,. The institute has established excellent reputation for its advanced technology and qualified services.

 Signing ceremony for Indonesian Palm oil mill with capacity of 30 t /d   PIC

 Signing ceremony for Rap oil mill (300 t /d) of Jianxing Agriculture Tech. Co., Ltd. Shaanxi   PIC

 Dongma Palm Industrial Co., Ltd (Zhangjiagang)   PIC

 Jiangsu Red-dragonfly Oils Co., Ltd   PIC

 Guizhou Biomass Tech. Co., Ltd (CASIC)   PIC

 Nei Menggu Xinsai Oils Co., Ltd   PIC

 Hulun Buir Jinjiao Biomass Co., Ltd   PIC

 Ningxia Saibeixue Flour Co., Ltd  PIC

 Hailaer Farm Enterprise Group  

  Netherland NOVOSANA Biotech Co., LTD (Taicang)  

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