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Storage & Logistics
COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY CO.,ltd., as the pioneer in China to execute R & D work on cereal & oil storage and logistics, has successfully carried out many cereal & oil storage and logistics projects and promoted its modernization and development, thus contributed to the establishment and technological progress of Chinese cereal & oil circulation system.

 Grain & Cereal Logistic (Changzhou)   PIC

 Grain & Cereal Logistic (Chengdu)   PIC

 Huaibei Grain & Cereal Logistic (Anhui)   PIC

 China Grain Reserves Suzhou branch   PIC

 Uni-Cargill Protein Feed Co., Ltd (Dongguan)   PIC

 China Grain Reserves Fuyang branch

 China Grain Reserves Caohu branch

 China Grain Reserves Wuxi branch

 China Grain Reserves Rugao branch

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