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Rice processing is one of the traditional specialties in Wuxi institute, both its technology and equipments have taken the highest plight of the field in China. The rice processing line for Liaoning Sino-paddy Co., Ltd, with its superior technical content and integrative industrial chain is recognized as the typical model in this field.

 Liaoning Sino-paddy Co., Ltd   PIC

 Anhui Liu’an Tianyu Co., Ltd   PIC

 Haifeng Rice Mill of Shanghai NGS Group   PIC

 Anhu Tianye Rice Mill   PIC

 COFCO Rice (Dalian) Co., Ltd

 China Grain Reserves Shanghai branch

 China Hualiang Group

 Dalian Beiliang Group

 COFCO Eastocean Oils & Grains Industries Co., Ltd

 Anhui Qingfa Group

 Hunan Lvhai Rice & Oil Co., Ltd

 Anhui Tongcheng Qingcaoxiang Rice Group

 Liaoning Shineway Cereal Group

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