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Industrial Buildings
Industrial building design is the key specialty of COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY CO.,ltd.. It has the Class-A certificates of engineering design awarded by the Ministry of Construction of P. R. China. 
Since its establishment, the institute has built up and insisted on the policy of “People foremost, Innovation oriented, Strict Management and Clients Satisfaction”. It has finished a lot of rice, flour, oil and EPC projects with its qualified Industrial buildings, further more; it has gained satisfactory achievements for many interdisciplinary projects.

 Shenglong Feedstuff Co., Ltd (Changzhou)   PIC

 Xida Biotech Co., Ltd (Wuxi)   PIC

 Huanghai Grain & Oil Co., Ltd   PIC

 Huzhou Central Grain Reserve (Zhejiang)   PIC

 Kunshan Grain & Oil Trade Market (Jiangsu)   PIC

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