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Overseas projects
COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY CO.,ltd., as the leading engineering and designing institute with best technology and service in China, is expanding international market in recent years. It has finished a lot of overseas projects in Mali, Tanzania, Burma, Kenya, Pakistan, Sudan, Greece, Syria, etc. Its advanced technology and complete plants have been exported to African, Southeast Asian, and Mideast countries.

 HELLINIKI ELAIOYRGIA Olive Oil Co., Ltd (Greece)   PIC

 QATER-NADA Sunflower Oil Mill (Syria)   PIC

 ALSAYED Oil Mill (Kazakhstan)   PIC

 Bo Sheng Tang Rice Mill (Burma)   PIC

 Chun Buli Rice Mill (Thailand)   PIC

 Wali Oil Mill in Pakistan

 Mali Flour Mill

 Indonesia Flour Mill

 Sudan Flour Mill

 Oman Flour Mill

 Cottonseed Processing Factory in Mali

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