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Civil Building
For the innovation and research necessity of Civil Building Design, COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY CO.,ltd. has set up the Civil Building Design Office.
The office has a lot of senior talents whose major cover Planning, Architecture, Structure, Plumbing, Strong-and-Weak electric, HVAC, Economic analysis and so on. This excellent team has long-term experience in Civil Building Design and has established cooperative relationship with many well-known international architectural design companies such as BSN of Canada.
Since the founding of the Office, its has finished more than 50 engineering design projects on civil buildings, such as residential buildings, top-grade buildings, business centers, recreational activities centers, guesthouses, office buildings, conference centers, etc., and some of them have win rewards.

 Kunshan Tao Hua Yuan Villa (Jiangsu)   PIC

 Office Building of Wuxi Lihu High-tech Business Incubator (Jiangsu)   PIC

 Wuxi Da Ding Cun Residence Community (Jiangsu)   PIC

 Baoji Hua Ting Mei Ye commercial/residential complex (Shaanxi)   PIC

 Kunshan Tinglin Shan Villa (Jiangsu)   PIC

 Hefei Jin’ an Tao Li Yuan Villa of CGOG (Anhui)   PIC

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