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Wheat processing is the key specialty in Wuxi institute; its technical level is recognized as outstanding in this field.

 Fujian Hongguan Flour Co., Ltd   PIC

 Pizhou Flour Mill of China Grain Reserves   PIC

 Shanghai Fuxin Flour Co., Ltd   PIC

 Sichuan Ruonan Food Co., Ltd   PIC

 Hangzhou Dongnan Flour Co., Ltd   PIC

 COFCO (Taixing) Flour Co., Ltd

 Dongguan Suifeng Food Co., Ltd

 Ningxia Saibeixue Flour Co., Ltd

 Ningbo Taifeng Flour Company

 Jiangsu Oriental Pearl Cereal Co., Ltd

 Zhengzhou Haijia Food Co., Ltd

 Xiamen Haijia Food Co., Ltd

 Fujian Fuyuan Flour Co., Ltd

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