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Oil & Fat
As the traditional specialty in Wuxi institute, Oil & Fat processing with its excellent technical standard and bulk market share has established leading status in this field.
Innovative techniques:
Production techniques of Strong fragrance Peanut oil and sesame oil
Production techniques of linseed oil, safflower seed oil, tomato-seed oil, grape-seed oil and caster oil
Production techniques of Biodiesel from oil foots, waste cooking oil, vegetable oil and wild oil plants
Production technique of Soybean protein concentrate and soybean protein isolates
Production technique of fermented soybean mill
Refining, fractionation and storage techniques of palm oil
Low-temperature desolution techniques
Waste water treatment techniques in vegetable oil mills

 U.S. Quaker Chemical Co., LTD (China)   PIC

 Xin Shili Food Tech. Co., Ltd (NanJing)   PIC

 Feixian Peanut oil mill (800t/d) of Sino-vegetable Oil Corp   PIC

 Chongqing Sangong oil mill Co., Ltd   PIC

 Shaanxi Chenglin Oil & Chemical Co., Ltd   PIC

 COFCO Eastocean Oils & Grains Industries (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd

 COFCO Eastocean Oils & Grains Industries (Shandong) Co., Ltd

 COFCO Northocean Oils & Grains Industries (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

 COFCO Guangxi (qingzhou) Co., Ltd

 Xinjiang Xinsai Oils Co., Ltd.

 Hunan Jinjian Cereal industry Co., Ltd

 Yihai kerry corp

 U. S. Cargill


 Datuanjie edible oils Co., Ltd (Anhui)

 Shining Gold Foodstuffs Co., Ltd

 Shanghai Standard food Co., Ltd

 Hailaer Farm Enterprise Group.

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