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Automation Control
COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY CO.,ltd., with over 20 years’ experience in electric automation EPC projects, is the only institute in domestic cereal & oil industry that is capable of designing, manufacturing and constructing electric automation system. The institute has set up Wuxi-Zhongma Automation Technology Co. Ltd with Malaysia CSI Company in 2004 and thence then has completed over 80 automation EPC projects at home and abroad.
The institute has always committed itself to innovating and applying advanced electric automation technology and has firstly applied PLC, DCS and MES control techniques and ERP Enterprise resource planning on domestic Grain & Oil Engineering. These techniques feature excellent expansibility, operability, maintainability and has gained favorable reputation in this field.

 Central Control Room of Par-boiled Rice Product Line (Jiangxi Rice Mill of COFCO)   PIC

 Control Cabinet of Feixian Oil Mill (Sino-vegetable Oil Corp)   PIC

 Conveying System of Hengyang Salt Mine (Hunan)   PIC

 Conveying System of Bohai Oil Mill (Qingdao, Shandong)   PIC

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