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· Wuxi Institute carried on design project of Suzhou Jincang grain storage and transfer depot 12/23
· Feed Science and Technology Forum and Annual Conference was smoothly held in Dongguan 12/23
· The first exports seminar of “Establishment and amendment of National food safety standard-edible soybean meal” was successfully held in Wuxi 11/23
· “Internet of things & Grain circulating informatization” seminar was held in Wuxi 11/1
· Sino Australia high quality noodles seminar successfully held in Wuxi 10/30
· The subject of “Development of 20-25t/h wheat flour bulk distribution system” has passed check 10/29
· The 10th China International Exhibition for the Grain and Oil Products Equipment and Technology held in Ningbo 10/23
· Leader of State Administration of Grain investigated Changzhou informatization pilot project 10/22
· 2010 high level forum of flour processing of China is forthcoming 10/11
· A survey group of State Administration of Grain visited Wuxi Institute 9/21
· The first Angel Yeast Cup Chinese fermented Dimsum Final Contest released the results in Shanghai 8/15
· Directors of COFCO Visited Wuxi Institute 8/11
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