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COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY CO.,ltd. is always focusing on the idea of human orientation, making harmonious working environment and realizing the perfect interaction between the enterprise and individual, as a result a lot of young and middle aged talents and competent professionals appeared.

20 employees has an educational background as masters degree and above, 137 employees has an educational background as bachelors’ degree;
5 senior researchers that entitled state subsidies;
12 professor-level senior engineers
54 employees have senior title and 40 employees have intermediate title.

6 class-A and class-B registered architects; 7 class-A registered structural engineers;
10 registered consultant engineers; 9 registered engineers of chemical engineering;
4 registered electrical engineers, 3 registered public utility equipment engineers;
15 registered supervision engineers; 10 registered equipment supervision engineers;
5 registered mechanical engineers; 10 class C project managers;
5 registered cost-calculating engineers, 1 registered accountant;
11 Constructors and Associate Constructors

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